Welcome to my world – come on in! My husband and I moved to Alaska years ago and live in a remote piece of heaven over an hour away from the nearest town and well off the power grid. While we love our little refuge, it does make visiting a challenge. So, technophobe that I am, I’ve finally realized that I need to get with the program and join the on-line world in order to keep in touch better. My hope is that you’ll come to think of this site as a place to visit from time to time so we may talk about projects, ideas, color, life.

Those who know me know that I’m always making something. My projects have varied over the years, although knitting and quilting have been steady staples. In recent years, I’ve focused my attention to what I call ‘playing with color’. I have an eye for patterns and color, and like to notice the small details. Give me any magazine and I’ll find something interesting to cut out. I don’t use images as much as I use patches of color with interesting texture or shading. These little clippings come together to make new expressions of color in my collages. I often feel like simply the medium through which these pieces make themselves – (I apply the glue!). The ideas seem to jump onto the paper and I’m along for the ride. And what a fun ride it is – please join me!

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