Quilts, Knits and Other Fun

Ever since I was young, I have been busy with my hands.  My mother was a chronic knitter and she passed that condition on to me.  You could tell what her mood was by how fast her needles were flying.  Now I know what a great stress reducer knitting is!  These days, I get a lot of knitting done while traveling the ice road (as a passenger!).  Since I’ve lived off the grid, I learned that some appliances I took for granted are huge energy sucks – like irons, toasters, popcorn makers, etc.  So I gave up my sewing habit – sort of.  I now make quilts entirely by hand so I don’t really need to use an iron.  However, it takes me a long time to finish one!  I was also gifted with patience as far as creative projects goes.  I really don’t care how long a project takes as long as I can see measurable progress along the way.  Here are some of my recent projects . . .

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