Playing with Color

People often give me old magazines, calendars and interesting paper to help feed my habit – such enabling friends!  One set of magazines in particular had such beautifully colored backgrounds that I had to cut out as much as I could – not that I knew what I would do with them at the time.  They were just too pretty to throw away.  Eventually, I had a large tin filled with lovely colored pieces to play with.  I spent weekend craft time making random collages – random in that I did not plan them out, but would use colors as they were picked out of the tin.  Sometimes I would limit the number of colors used – sometimes it was a free-for-all.  I liked to see how different colors played off each other.  These pieces have no ‘right side up’, but may be viewed from any angle.  By having no preset notion of what I was making, it allowed me to experiment without judgement or stress.  I spent about 2 years doing this before I started ‘playing more seriously’.  But now and again, I feel the need to return to that free-style method just to let my mind wander in the color.

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